Michael J. Bannister

Michael J. Bannister

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Santa Clara University


I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Santa Clara University. My research interests are in the design and analysis of geometric and graph algorithms, particularly algorithms for graph drawing and network visualization.


Spring 2017

Winter 2017


Track Layout is Hard

Confluent orthogonal drawings of syntax diagrams

The Galois complexity of graph drawing

Crossing minimization for 1-page and 2-page drawings of graphs with bounded treewidth

Windows into geometric events

Small superpatterns for dominance drawing

Superpatterns and universal point sets

Fixed-parameter tractability of crossing minimization of almost-trees

Parameterized complexity of 1-planarity

Windows into relational events

Force-directed graph drawing using social gravity and scaling

Randomized speedup of the Bellman–Ford algorithm

Hardness of approximate compaction for nonplanar orthogonal graph drawings


LaTeX Homework Template

A simple LaTeX template for homework submissions.